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QML Map correct zoomLevel

  • Hi all,

    I'm new in Qt development. I'm using QML Map element ( Qt Mobility 1.1 QML plugin ) to show map on the device. Everything works as expected, but i have one issue which i don't know how to resolve it and might need some correct directions/possible solution.

    My problems is:
    I have a map and some MapCircles ( some circles are shown on some coordinates. I will change that probably to Landmarks later ). I want to set correct zoomLevel to the map so that all Circles ( points ) will be visible?? Is there any algorithm to calculate that? Any better approach/solution?

    In general: i just want to set corretct zoom level so that all landmarks/circles will be visible. Maybe is there tottally different approach to achive that?

    Many thanks for any directions/help!


  • Hi,

    I don't think there's a function available to do this using QML. At least in QtM 1.1 there wasn't. The C++ API has QGraphicsGeoMap::fitInViewport(). You can pass this method a bounding box and it will try zooming to fit the box into the viewport.

    Not sure that will help you, but it's all I'm currently aware of.

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