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QGesture and QDeclarativeItem

  • Can anyone tell me if I need to do anything extra/undocumented to get a QDeclarativeItem to grab gesture events?

    I am using the code described in the documentation (http://goo.gl/4Ym1R) but I just can't get any gesture events to come into the event() function.

    When I ask Google for help I just get examples of people trying to do this outside QML with a standard C++ QGraphicView based app.

    I wonder if QML is somehow blocking gestures?

    Paul Drummond

  • Hi,
    I am in the same situation. With simulator gestures are recongnized, but on the device (Nokia C7) aren't.
    Have you managed this ?


  • I have it working on my application (works on Symbian and Harmattan):

    I am not sure if I tried grabGesture on the QDeclarativeItem. That is how I have it working:

    My QDeclarativeItem has a QGraphicsWidget child with:


    and I installed an event filter on it so could process the events on my declarative item.

  • Hi, I have exactly the same problem: my QDeclarativeItem subclass doesn't receive any QGesture events.
    Did you manage to solve your issue?

    @fcrochik: a QDeclarativeItem is a QGraphicsObject subclass, so in theory grabGesture() should work there as well. Why exacly did you call those methods from the child widget and not from the QDeclarativeItem itself?

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