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Drop From QML to QTreeView

  • I have a QTreeView with a QStandarditemModel as model and actually I enabled the Drag&Drop on the tree's items.

    Now I want to drop a element from a QML scene (I created the mimedata for the QML element) into the tree, but I'm unable to do it.

    I overrided the flags method

    Qt::ItemFlags TreeModel::flags(const QModelIndex &index) const
        if (index.isValid()) {
            return QStandardItemModel::flags(index);
        return QStandardItemModel::flags(index) | Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled;

    Also with simple text, if I drop it into the tree, I don't see the drop icon.

  • Hi
    QTreeView also requires you to enable drops in the view. Did you do this ?


    Also I noticed that you only return the ItemIsDropEnabled flag if your index is invalid, you may have missed a ! in your test (unless you only want to accept drops on the root item). Put a breakpoint at the start of the TreeModel::flags function and see if it breaks to make sure that the view actually asks the model if a drop is available.

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