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OSX QT Creator 3.6.1 won't run in terminal

  • Hi everybody,
    I'm quite new to Qt, so please excuse me if the following concern is dump.
    My Qt version is Qt Creator 3.6.1 based on Qt 5.6.0 (Clang 7.0, 64 bit). My OS is 10.11.4 and the Xcode version is 7.21. Beforehand I I was running on 7.3 but I have been not even able to debug a simple hello world example neither in terminal nor in Qt itself. After that I downgraded to 7.21. Due to this I am able to debug in Qt but still not in terminal. Whenever I try to debug, the Terminal application opens and displays:
    cd /; /Applications/Qt/Qt\ debug /var/folders/yg/7m_kcgc110jfzvz5vswqwgkw0000gn/T/QtCreator.HPH654/stub-socket Press\ <RETURN>\ to\ close\ this\ window... /Users/path/HelloWorld/build /var/folders/yg/7m_kcgc110jfzvz5vswqwgkw0000gn/T/QtCreator.gzN654 654 /Users/path/HelloWorld/build/HelloWorld
    After showing this, the debugger keeps saying "Running." and never stops.
    Additional info: Preferences>Environment>System>Terminal says: /Applications/Qt/Qt\

    I'd be glad if any of you has an idea on how to get it running in terminal.
    Thank you very much and best regards

  • The combination LLDB + Terminal is not supported right now.

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