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QSerialPort leaking memory?

  • My code:

    #include "gtest\gtest.h"
    struct CrtCheckMemory
        _CrtMemState state1;
        _CrtMemState state2;
        _CrtMemState state3;
            EXPECT_EQ(0, _CrtMemDifference(&state3, &state1, &state2));
            if (_CrtMemDifference(&state3, &state1, &state2))
    TEST(Test, testQtSerialCom)
        CrtCheckMemory check;
        QSerialPort* port = new QSerialPort();
        delete port;

    I'm using the Google test Framework but this should not matter at all. I get a value of 1 in _CrtMemDifference so i assume there is somehow a memory leak. Now i am confused.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should add some background information like OS/Qt Version.

    @kuzulis Any idea about that ?

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    I have no ideas.

    Let's @mojs try to do same with the QProcess, QTcpSocket and so on, and see results.

  • Thx for the fast reply.

    I am using msvc2013/x64 compiler and Qt 5.5. Im not that experienced.

    I tried the same test with QTcpSocket and got the same error message. With QProcess it was a bit different:

    QProcess* proc = new QProcess();
    delete proc;
    _CrtMemDifference // memory leaked
    QSerialPort* port = new QSerialPort();
    delete port;
    _CrtMemDifference // no memory leaked

    I got same results when i first new/delete QSerialPort and QProcess afterwards (Then it leaked in QSerialPort but not in QProcess). I had similar problems while using parts of the boost library (boost::log) where i found out that tls variables causes this behaviour.

    As a workaround i can new/delete a QProcess before i run my tests and i get the results i want.

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