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QPluginLoader Plugin verification data mismatch

  • I can succesfully load this plugin:


    I can't load this plugin:

    Q_PLUGIN_METADATA(IID "" FILE "api.json")

    api.json contains:

        "name" :            "api",
        "version" :         "1.0"

    This code then prints Plugin verification data mismatch error:

        QPluginLoader loader("api.dll");
        qDebug() << loader.errorString(); // Plugin verification data mismatch

    Why and how to append my JSON data to the plugin?

  • Hi @Martin ,

    May be silly , Did you put the following line in the main export class of the plugin:

    Q_PLUGIN_METADATA(IID "" FILE "api.json"

    Possibly check :
    Version of Qt version, the same (major and minor)version but a different Qt configuration?
    Name mangling difference by compiler.

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