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How do i develop an audio player over NECESSITAS

  • Hi,
    I'm new to Qt and workin on Qt-Android - Necessitas. i have to write a code to develop an audio player with basic features of play,stop and resume.

    But the problem i notice is that phonon and qt mobility-multimedia module is still not ported on necessitas.(correct me if i'm wrong)

    Even after surfing hours on net i'm not able to finalise if i can actually develop the audio player using only the "audiooutput" class of Qtmultimedia library.

    Can somebody guide me through...

  • I don't think you would have Phonon ported to mobile. Stick with Qt Multimedia. It is currently capable of most simple media tasks AFAIK.

    "Android Mobility":

    As you can see in the link, they are working on porting mobility to android or at least there is a repo. But anyway, Mobility and not Phonon should be the future.. even on Android!

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