Use of popup window

  • hello friends

    actually i want to use popwindow instead of messagebox in my i dont know whether there is a facilities of using popup in qt..please anyone suggest me...


    Edit: moved. Yet again: just because you want your app to work on mobile, doesn't make everything you ask belong in that forum; Andre

  • Create a QWidget. Set it's window flag

    QWidget* popupWidget = new QWidget();

  • can you please explain me how this can be done..actually i have no idea about can i show this popup on click of my button..moreever in the popup i wnat to set three buttons once once for addition,next for save..,and last one for cancel...and on click of each button particular operation is performed..please suggest me..


  • QMessageBox::StandardButton

  • Actually i have used QMessageBox::StandardButton but in this case..only ok and cancel button is added..but i want the name of my button as "ADD","SAVE","CANCEL"..and moreever it adds only two action ie ok and cancel...and while using these messagebox in my device it will appear on bottom part..but i want it in middle..

  • QMessageBox::addButton()

    and set a parent for centered display.

  • hello volker

    I have tried it like work but it add only one button at a time..

    @QMessageBox messageBox(this);
    QAbstractButton *addButton =
    messageBox.addButton(tr("Add"), QMessageBox::ActionRole);

     if (messageBox.clickedButton() == addButton)

    i mean to say that if i want to add two or more button the same messagebox than what should i do here if i add another button say save in the message box than it only display save button ..

  • Does the API doc state that it's forbidden to call addButton() twice?

  • that thing i havent found in the API but when i write

    @QAbstractButton *saveButton =
    messageBox.addButton(tr("save"), QMessageBox::ActionRole);@ in the above code than it overide the previous button

  • No.

    Neither on a Mac nor on Linux.

    I cannot check on mobile platforms, but I seriously doubt it's different there.

  • If you want to do that.. use the static members of QMessageBox and pass the StandardButtons with "|" like Ok | Cancel.


  • actually i want to change the name of each action in messagebox by my own names..means can i change
    QMessageBox ::Ok with QMessageBox ::AddNew..

  • Did you try reading the documentation for QMessageBox? Did you find a method there to gain access to the actual buttons? If no, you did not look hard enough, and should look again. Come on: you have been told over and over again to read the docs better. You are even telling others to do that. The time you have wasted on this (and other topics) would be better spend studying the documentation.

  • yeh i have tried the doc example its working but the thing is that in simulator it show all three button in message box but in device it only show two buttons instead of three..the code i have written is..

    @QMessageBox msgBox;
    QPushButton *connectButton = msgBox.addButton(tr("Ok"), QMessageBox::ActionRole);
    QPushButton *connectButton1 = msgBox.addButton(tr("AddNotes"), QMessageBox::ActionRole);
    QPushButton *abortButton = msgBox.addButton(QMessageBox::Abort);

         if (msgBox.clickedButton() == connectButton) {
             // connect
         } else if (msgBox.clickedButton() == abortButton) {
             // abort

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