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Pylon Basler Camera Problem

  • Hi there. I am trying to add pylon basler 5 library to my project. I have solution and configuration file for VS 2013 (from where i get pathes to include and lib).In the /.../lib/Win32/ I have .iib files. Presently my .pro file looks like:

    INCLUDEPATH += C:/Program Files/Basler/pylon 5/Development/include
    LIBS += -LC:/Program Files/Basler/pylon 5/Development/lib/Win32\
        -lGenApi_MD_VC120_v3_0_Basler_pylon_v5_0 \
        -lGCBase_MD_VC120_v3_0_Basler_pylon_v5_0 \
        -lPylonBase_MD_VC120_v5_0 \

    After building i get error: "no such file or directory GenICam.h". And my main file looks like:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <GenICam.h>
    using namespace std;
    int main()

    I will be glad for any help. If it will be helpful I am using Qt 5.5.1 mingw 4.9.2. 32.

  • @Guess11

    According to the Qt Doc:

    "To specify a path containing spaces, quote the path using the technique described in Whitespace."

    INCLUDEPATH += "C:/Program Files/Basler/pylon 5/Development/include"
    LIBS += "-LC:/Program Files/Basler/pylon 5/Development/lib/Win32" \
        -lGenApi_MD_VC120_v3_0_Basler_pylon_v5_0 \
        -lGCBase_MD_VC120_v3_0_Basler_pylon_v5_0 \
        -lPylonBase_MD_VC120_v5_0 \

  • Ok thank you.
    EDITED: Probably I was to optimistic however now I have problem with "LNK 1104 cannot open file GenApi_MD_VC120_v3_0_Basler_pylon_v5_0.lib". I found only this ( but it is not very helpful. If someone know how to solved this problem I will be realy glad

  • @Guess11
    Hi, have you solve this problem?

    Can you try to link you path like this:


    LIBS += $(PYLON_DEV_DIR)\lib\x64

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Link path with spaces can be problematic on Windows. If you can't install Pylon in another place without spaces, you can workaround the problem using the old 8.3 notation.

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