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Offline GeoService for Qt5+

  • Greetings,

    We have a geoservice application which can work OFFLINE built with Qt 4.8.0. Basically we have tiles of a certain location(in our case, a country) and we are rendering these tiles using QGeoMappingManager and mapping on QGraphicsView (no internet connection is needed). However, we need to port it to Qt 5.5 and having trouble doing it so. After couple of days searching the internet, I got the idea that currently there is no specific solution for offline geoservice and I have to write my own renderer. Some people say to wait for 5.7 release but I dont see any updates in the wiki page regarding this issue(https://wiki.qt.io/New_Features_in_Qt_5.7).

    Is there any solution that I dont know of?



  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What trouble do you have ?

    The QGeoMappingManager is currently private but you might still use it provided that you understand the implication of using private APIs.

  • Hi SGaist,

    I actually know that QGeoMappingManager is available through private APIs, but what I forgot to say is that I couldnt find any reference to some classes like QGraphicsGeoMap which I crucially need in my project. They were part of QtMobility project and now I wonder if there are alternatives to these classes.



  • Hi! To avoid writing your own renderer, you could write a plugin for QtLocation and use a QQuickWidget with a Map item in it to display the map.

  • Ethan-

    You could use the ArcGIS Runtime SDK, which has support built into it for offline maps - https://developers.arcgis.com/qt/

    • Luke

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