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Wrong makefile being generated (wrong paths)

  • Hello, I am in WIn8 and I have Qt 5.4 both for Mingw as for MSVC2013.
    I have cut and copied both QT from C: to f:
    Now I have the following qt.conf


    But in makefile this is what is being generated:

    LIBS = /LIBPATH:F:\Qt2\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib F:\Qt2\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib\qtmaind.lib shell32.lib /LIBPATH:C:\Qt\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib C:\Qt\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib\Qt5Cored.lib F:\Qt2\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib\Qt5Widgetsd.lib F:\Qt2\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib\Qt5Guid.lib F:\Qt2\5.4\msvc2013_64\lib\Qt5Cored.lib

    What I must have to do to take away the wrong paths (the references to c:)?

    Thanks beforehand

  • Are you running the correct qmake executable (the one in F:/Qt2/...) to generate the Makefile? Did you edit the qt.conf file or was that automatically generated?

  • This link have helped me a lot:

    The problem is Qt put the path references that are on the %QTDIR%\lib*.prl to the Makefiles. These references are hardcoded and point to original installation folder, therefore they must be updated when changing the installation path by hand (in my case using Ctrl+X plus Ctrl+V).

    On my case qtmain.prl and qtmaind.prl were pointing inside of them to c:\Qt....

    I have altered qtmain.prl and qtmaind.prl by hand and the makefiles that were generated after that are correct.

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