QtCreator and QML files

  • Hello,

    i have a troubles with understanding how QtCreator manages QtQuick projects. In general I have problems with understanding how to structure an application which uses both .qml files and some C++ as well. When I create a QtQuick project i see my .qml files listed in project view under a 'qml icon'. Later they are copied to out-of-source build folder.
    Recently I have created a normal Qt GUI application and later decided to add some QML.. I was suprised when I noticed that .qml files are visible as 'other files' rather than 'qml files' on the project tree and they are not copied to the out-of-source build directory.

    So what makes the difference?

    thanks for all suggestions, it is probably something simple which Im for some reason not able to see.

  • When you start a C++ project with QML, a file qmlapplicationviewer.pri is included in your .pro file and a new variable DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS is added:
    #folder where the qml files are
    folder_01.source = qml/projectName
    #destination folder in the build directory and the install directory
    folder_01.target = qml


    The function qtcAddDeployment() from the .pri file takes care of copying the file from that directory to the out-of-source build folder and to the install folder (through the use of the variables QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGET and INSTALLS).
    Apparently everything in the INSTALLS variable is also automagically displayed in the project tree in QtCreator without being listed as OTHER_FILES in the .pro.

  • Thanks, so there is a chance that it will work. Anyway it is still hard to make this working for Qt application to which QML is added later.

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