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Two-dimensional page navigation

  • I'm looking for some input on which QML View / model is most appropriate to implement the following

    • I have a large two-dimensional table and one cell (i,j) of it is displayed
    • cell (i,j) takes most of the screen but at the top/bottom/left/right, part of the surrounding cells are visible
    • by flicking left/right I can navigate to (i-1,j) and (i+1,j)
      by flicking up/down, I can navigate to cells (i,j+1), (i,j-1)

    I currently implement this with Horizontal ListViews inside a Vertical ListView and a big model underneath it.
    But I'm wondering whether it would be possible to implement this with a model having only 5 elements (cell (i,j) and the four surrounding cells)? Possibly using PathView and/or Flickable?
    After every flick, I could update the model

    I was triggered by this article, showing a one dimensional page navigation

    Input appreciated.

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