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QT Android Extras missing in QT 5.6.0 Mar 2016 (Creator 3.6.1)

  • Hi, i downloaded and installed the newly QT open source 5.6.0 (Creator 3.6.1) of March 2016. ("Qt 5.6.0 for Android (Windows 32-bit, 1.1 GB) ")
    I installed it, and and noticed that QT Android Extras module is not in the list of components (as was the case with QT 5.6.0 in the installation steps.
    Nether-less i continued with the install - all went well. But when compiling a example notifications which uses QT Android Extras (and was working in QT5.6.0) i get the error "The system cannot find the path specified. Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: androidextras"

    I started a re-install and compared the available components to select during installation to have more than QT Extras missing - seems like all Android stuff is missing!!

    Is this a problem with the new installation file? Can i download this module somewhere and add it to my installation? Is it discontinued?

    I am kind of newbie in QT, so please excuse me if i am asking something which is quite obvious.


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    Did you use the offline or online installer ?

  • Hi

    Offline Installer, Windows Host
    Qt 5.6.0 for Android (Windows 32-bit, 1.1 GB)


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    Something's not clear, is there only the QtAndroidExtras module missing in your setup ?

  • When i installed QT 5.5.1 (open source windows host offline installer) during installation you get a window where the user can select which Components to install e.g. Select Components" Under the QT heading in the selection there is Qt 5.5, Tools and Qt Extras which i selected.
    In QT 5.5.6 installation, only Qt 5.6 and Tools are available for selection. Qt Extras is not available option to select. Completely missing from the selection option.

    See the screen shots here

    Is QT Exrtas installed with the installer? Or is it maybe only visible as a selection option if some other program e.g. SDK,NDK ,,,,,, is installed? I had QT 5.5.1 on my PC running all fine, and then installed the Qt 5.6 without uninstalling Qt 5.5.1. Also i do not install Android SDK, NDK, Apche, Java, Mingw again. Just a thought.


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    What do you have if you expand the Qt 5.6 branch ?

  • I uploaded a screen shot to the drive link above called QT5_6_Components_Expanded.jpg

    Here is a list (QT 5.6 Components)
    Android x86
    Source Components (Q Source , LGPLv3 pacakges, Qt Script)
    QT Canvas
    Qt Location
    Qt Quick Controls
    Qt WebView
    Qt labs
    QT serialbus
    Qt Scripts depreciated

    QT Creator 3.6.1

    I do not see any QT extras, the components is also the same as QT5.5.1 (within QT 5.6 expanded)

    Also on the drive link is QT5_5_1_Components_Expanded.JPG for reference.


  • Qt Web view in Qt5. 5 QT Extras moved to QT 5.6 components expanded.

    Is QT Web view the only QT extras component.

    Then something else is wrong. The notifications
    example says that qt extras is missing when opening with qt 5. 6 In QT 5.5.1 this example is working. See my original post.

    I will run the example again tomorrow.


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    It might be a packaging issue.

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