Now that QWebKit has been deprecated, what can i do?

  • I have used QWebkit in my application for the purpose of taking a snapshot of a website and save it as a picture. It also supported user authentication, so the snapshot to be taken after the login.

    Now that QWebKit is deprecated, i have read the QWebEngine is here to replace it, but seems like i cannot include it to at least try and port from QWebKit to QWebEngine because i think i need the Visual Studio version. Something i also read is that i can build QWebKit from source even if it is deprecated. What should i do and how?

    Keep in mind i am not any advanced programmer, if someone is to answer please add some additional information.

    I am using WIndows 10, Qt Creator 3.6.1 Based on Qt 5.6.0 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit) MinGW

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    You can use the VisualStudio Community edition. It is free.

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    Another option is to keep using the version of Qt (including Qt WebKit) that you currently have.

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