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Questions for Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and QT 5.6.0

  • A very good day to you Sir !
    I hope you are doing Great !
    I have a question to ask regarding QT 5.6.0 and Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate

    1. I launch Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate
    2. I create a QT Application from within Visual Studio from the QT pull down menu
    3. now in Visual Studio if i open up the forms designer and drag a check box to the form window in the designer
    4. How come I cannot do a "Right Click on the Check Box" and select "Go To Slot" to go to the Code for the Check Box ???

    If I do not run Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate but start the QT Designer by itself ... I can do the Above ... with the "Right Click" and select "Go To Slot" to go to the Code of the Button in the Source Code ...

    Please advice ...

    Thank you very much for your time and kind help !

    Warm Regards

    Dr. David Bowman

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