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Licensing -- Coders Left Us

  • We hired some Qt/C++ coders. They used some commercial components of Qt and we had to pay for this expensive license. The coders then left us. We are no longer compiling that source code -- the product will be discontinued. Do we need to keep paying on this Qt license in order for the Qt-created applications to continue running, or is that license only necessary for compilation?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @maximo said:
    Disclaimer: Im NOT a lawyer !

    If you never need to update the application and the current deployed version are just to stay as it. never to be updated.
    Then I think you do not need as you did publish while having the license.

    That said, having a license is epic cool as it allows static bindings and
    extra support.

    So as far as I know, stopping the license will not affect application already deployed.

    what are those commercial components ?
    They changed Qt Chart and others to be usable in open source.

    ps. ps. next time, hire @SGaist :)

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