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Qt 5.6 Looping Video in a Playlist

  • Newbie Qt Multi Media Question.
    I have a quick question about a simple application I have written that loads a few video clips and I can play each and advance to the next one. I am using the playlist in QML (Qt 5.6 on Ubuntu, Qt Quick UI app). Here is one problem , I want to loop over the "current" video until I hit "next" and then advance to the next video and if at the last video , start from the first one, so when I set loops: MediaPlayer.Infinite, it does not loop, it plays through the playlist once

    However, if I use playbackMode: Playlist.Loop in the PlayList block, the looping is over the entire play list not the currently playing one. If I set the playlist to CurrentItemInLoop, it loops over the current video but then I cannot advance to the next video in the list, it just restarts the current video. I am sure this is probably a stupid newbie mistake since this is really a simple app, but is there a trick to this?

    Thanks so much

    MediaPlayer {
    id: player
    autoLoad: true
    playlist: Playlist {
    id: plist
    PlaylistItem {source: "/somepath/vido0"}
    PlaylistItem {source: "/somepath/vido1"}
    PlaylistItem {source: "/somepath/vido2"}
    PlaylistItem {source: "/somepath/vido3"}
    playbackMode: Playlist.Loop <------ loops over the entire list
    autoPlay: true
    // loops: MediaPlayer.Infinite <----- does not loop at all plays through the list once and it stops

    VideoOutput {
        id: video
        anchors.fill: parent
        source: player
     Item {
        focus: true
        Keys.onPressed:  {
            if (event.key == Qt.Key_N) {
            if (event.key == Qt.Key_S) {
            if (event.key == Qt.Key_P) {

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