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opening file returns error 5 in qt

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    I'm trying to open a file for reading using qt and it doesn't open it, it returns an error 5. I don't know why ?

    QFile obj_file(path) ;

    QString errMsg;
    QFileDevice::FileError err = QFileDevice::NoError;
    if (!obj_file.open(QIODevice::ReadOnly)) {
        errMsg = obj_file.errorString();
        err = obj_file.error();
        qDebug() << QString(" err %1").arg(err) ;
    if (!obj_file.open(QFile::ReadOnly))
        qDebug() << QString("cannot open %1").arg(path) ;
        return ;

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    The most likely is that your file is not a the path you are providing. For example, if your file is located in your sources and you wrote a relative path in your application code then it won't find it because they are not in the same folder. That's because by default Qt Creator uses Shadow Builds (which is a good thing).

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