Getting "Qt license file was not found" error with Desktop 5.5 kit

  • I installed Qt 5.5 with the Maintenance tool, but get the following error when building with the Desktop 5.5.1 GCC 64-bit kit:

    Error: Qt license file was not found!
    Project ERROR: License check failed! Giving up ...

    I don't get the error with Desktop 5.6.0. Does the 5.5 build system think I am on a commercial version of Qt? Why?

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    Did you check that you have the license file matching your installed Qt ?

  • Well, I have the open source version of Qt installed, so I should not need a license file? My suspicion is that Maintenance Tool is grabbing the commercial version. Is there a way to ensure/force Maintenance Tool to install the open source version?

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    Are you sure you are using your OpenSource Qt Version + Kit in your project ? Both can coexist on your system without any problem.

  • I configured a kit with the Qt 5.5 version that Maintenance Tool downloaded, and I get the license error with that. How can I find out if my 5.5 version is opensource or not?

    Some more details:

    1. I downloaded and installed the opensource version of Qt Creator with Qt 5.5. This was working fine.
    2. After 5.6 was released, I downloaded that via Maintenance Tool and got rid of 5.5.
    3. Unfortunately 5.6 does not work because of a missing platform plugin on my old linux distribution, so I decided to go back to 5.5.
    4. Downloaded 5.5 via Maintenance Tool.

    That's when the license error emerged.

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    Call /path/to/qmake -project . in a dummy folder. If it's an open source qmake it should not have any problem. If not you'll have the license check warning.

  • I do indeed get the license warning with 5.5 in a temp folder:

    $ ~/Development/Qt/5.5/gcc_64/bin/qmake -project .
    Error: Qt license file was not found!
    Project ERROR: License check failed! Giving up ...

    So now how do I force Maintenance Tool to download the open source version?

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    You can do so by not giving any credentials when running the installer.

  • The MaintenanceTool does not ask for any credentials anyway..? I just go to "Add or remove components", then select Qt 5.5, and let it do its thing. Note that the original Qt install was indeed (verifiably) open source. It is just the updates that I'm running into problems with.

    Perhaps I should just start from scratch and reinstall? Thanks, and I appreciate your patience!

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    On the first screen, doesn't it ?

  • No, Maintenance Tool was not asking for sign-in. There was no go - had to resort to the nuclear option of uninstalling everything and then reinstalling 5.5.1 from the archive. Now 5.5 works as before.

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    That's strangeā€¦ Anyway, glad you could get it to work again.

    Since everything is ok now, please mark the thread as solved using the "Topic Tool" button so that other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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