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can't connect overloaded method to a lambda function

  • I can't compile the following code

    class Foo : public QWidget
            QSpinBox *spinBox = new QSpinBox(this);
            connect(spinBox, &QSpinBox::valueChanged, [this](int val){/*do smth*/});

    The error is

    error: no matching function for call to 'Foo::connect(QSpinBox*&, <unresolved overloaded function type>, Foo::Foo()::<lambda(int)>)'
             connect(spinBox, &QSpinBox::valueChanged, [this](int val){/*do smth*/});

    I guess the problem is "unresolved overloaded function type", because actually we have two overloaded methods in class QSpinBox:

        void valueChanged(int);
        void valueChanged(const QString &);

    Any ideas how to help compiler to resolve the right method?

    My specs:
    GCC 4.9.2
    Qt 5.5.1

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     connect(spinBox, static_cast<void (QSpinBox::*)(int)>(&QSpinBox::valueChanged), this, [this]( int val){/*do smth*/});

    ...because QSpinBox has two signals named valueChanged() with different arguments. Instead, the new code needs to be:
    connect(mySpinBox, static_cast<void (QSpinBox::*)(int)>(&QSpinBox::valueChanged), mySlider, &QSlider::setValue);

    As you seem to think also.

  • Thanks, that works. Though, it doesn't look elegant...

    P.S. Such a syntax also works

    connect(spinBox, (void(QSpinBox::*)(int))&QSpinBox::valueChanged, this, [this]( int val){/*do smth*/});

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    I agree.
    Its not pretty.

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    If you don't mind writing more lines, you can make each line shorter:

    void (QSpinBox::*mySignal)(int) = &QSpinBox::valueChanged;
    connect(spinBox, mySignal, this, [this](int val) {
        /*do smth*/


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    far more readable :)

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