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Building debug Qt Mobility with GCCE rather than RVCT?

  • I've got a problem with QMediaPlayer video playback - sometimes it plays video, sometimes it only plays the audio track and doesn't display the video. However, when I debug the signals emitted by QMediaPlayer I see no problems / errors reported. The state / media status changes imply the video is being buffered and played, and then play completes.

    I grabbed the source to Qt Mobility but haven't been able to build it as it seems to require RVCT in order to build the arm binaries.

    Does anyone know how I can configure my environment to build a debug version of Qt Mobility using the free tools installed with the Qt SDK 1.1.1?

  • The problems I was having related to attempting to build qt mobility using the command line, where for some reason, the build system seems to insist on using RVCT, and if it can't find RVCT simply gives up.

    Subsequently I switched to building via Qt Creator. Qt Creator does successfully build arm binaries using GCCE and doesn't complain that RVCT isn't available. So I guess, the answer to my own question is: Use Qt Creator rather than the command line.

    Unfortunately, whilst Qt Creator picks up and uses the available tools, I'm still having problems building Qt Mobility from source. Many symbols missing from ELF files.
    I'm working on resolving / working around these issues, but if anyone happens to know how to resolve these build issues, please share. Is Qt Mobility 1.1.3 in a buildable state? Can anyone recommend a better version to develop and test against for Symbian^3 devices?


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