Qt development, debug and deployment on BeagleBone

  • Hi:

    I have a BeagleBone with a TFT cape on it. I would like to develop a GUI based application for it, using Qt for Debian.

    There is quite a bit of information online, some is helpful, most is incomplete or outdated.

    There's a great deal of information for Angstrom from this website (http://exploringbeaglebone.com/) including videos. However, I would like to target Debian rather than Angstrom since this distribution is now ancient.

    Of all the tutorials that I have seen for Debian, none seem straight forward. That is, according to the comments section that follow the original tutorial post. While thee tutorials make the process look flowless, it seem people who have tried to follow them always end up encoutering some sort of issues getting a proper cross compilation environment for Qt, for the BeagleBone.

    I have already spent quite some time getting an Angstrom cross compiling environment semi work for my BeagleBone. I switched to a Debian base but got discouraged by the amount of modifications that were necessary, without the promise of a working system.

    And so I would like to know if, to date there is an updated solid tutorial to get a good working cross compiling environment for Qt on the BeagleBone (Debian distribution).
    I will take any host base solution as long as it work, either on Windows or Linux.


  • Hi,
    don't know if it helps you but you can find some guides on my little blog:


    It's not full completed but I generally put my "notes" to that blog's page.

  • @luca Thanks for the reply. I scanned your page and it seems very useful.
    Since my last post I've compiled quite a bit of information from different sources and I now have a solid qt4.8 cross compilation platform.

    I will go back to your notes whenever it is time to switch to qt5.


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