Problems with QFileSystemWatcher

  • Hi,
    I have made a little app to test QFileSystemWatcher.I have problems with it:
    If I create a new folder "folder" and I rename it "folder2" and then rename it again "folder" the QFileSystemWatcher doesn't emit a directorychanged signal and I cannot detect changes within this folder too. Is it possible to fix QFileSystemWatcher ? because I need it in several apps. I haven't already look at the sources of QFileSystemWatcher but I will do it, because if this class is not fixed, I will use instead of it, an external class that uses low level apis(win32,linux)

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    Your description is not really clear: do you create a new folder inside a folder you're monitoring?

  • Yes I create or rename a subdirectory in a directory that I monitor...the problem is that if the directory that I rename take a name that has already existed before it does'nt detect the change of the subdirectory although it detects the change in the parent folder...
    because of this problem I have corrected ,compiled and tested
    and compiled (libfswatch) and tested that and I like the first, simplefilewatcher, and I will modify it and probably use it instead of QFileSystemWatcher because it has not the bug of QFileSystemWatcher....
    I would have prefered to use QFileSystemWatcher, but it is bugged...

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    You should file a bug report, so it is fixed in a future release

  • I don't know how to report a bug ? should I subscribe to the mailing list to report a bug ?

  • ok I have made the report QTBUG-52226....

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