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Qt 5.6 QtPurchasing Unknown Module

  • Hi; I am using Qt 5.6 Community Edition. I added QT += purchasing in .pro file then I added #include <QtPurchasing> in the main.cpp file. But I get this error:
    :-1: error: Unknown module(s) in QT: purchasing

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    I don't remember if it was released along with Qt 5.6 but you can always clone and build the module yourself.

  • @SGaist Thanks, I ran this command: git clone git://code.qt.io/qt/qtpurchasing.git and I downloaded QtPurchasing module. How can I build this module?

  • open a terminal in downloaded folder path. use following commands in terminal for setting android related variables:

    export ANDROID_API_VERSION=android-10

    use full path for line 1 and 2
    use a minimum android version which you have in your platforms folder of sdk root, for line 3
    then, in that terminal:

    make install

    for line 1, usually path to android armeabi-v7 is enough

    I think this process can be done in QtCreator automatically. just open the module .pro file and run android qmake and then build project.

    If in second path, some errors occured, you should right click on src folder in qtcreator and build just that.

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