Poppler-Qt5 Failing to render to qpainter

  • I'm prototyping a basic function to paint page 1 of a pdf to QGraphicsView using this class

    void MainWindow::PDF(){
        QString path = "D:\\Translation.pdf";
        Poppler::Document *doc = Poppler::Document::load(path);
        Poppler::Page* pdfPage1 = doc->page(0);
        Poppler::Page* pdfPage2 = doc->page(1);
        //QImage image = pdfPage->renderToImage(1080,1080,-1,-1,-1,-1);
        QPixmap *pix = new QPixmap(1080,1080);
        QPainter *paint1 = new QPainter(pix);
        if (pdfPage1->renderToPainter(paint1 ,1080,1080,-1,-1,-1,-1)){
            qDebug() << true;
            qDebug() << false;
        QGraphicsScene *scene = new QGraphicsScene();

    Right now when ever it tries to paint,, it always prints out false. How do I get this to paint without fail?

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