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re: including a needed qt library

  • I have switched over from Qt 4.8 over to Qt 5.3 on my arm6 computer now. Everything compiles and I want to use the compiled binary the way I was able to with Qt 4.8. However ,when I copy the folder containing the binary and it's needed folders & files over it now comes up with a missing
    While I read up on this I also tried including the needed .so into my projects .pro file. I included the file and tried putting the libQtWidgets.so.5 into /usr/lib . This didn't help the matter.
    So in reading up on it , one of the things that was suggested is that I now create a .deb file that would include my binary and it's needed files and folders. I could also include any dependent libraries this way . It seems the process is fairly elaborate, so I need to ask if this is the proper way of including the needed libQtWidgets.so.5 into my project ( in a way so that it will run on other arm6 machines which do not have Qt installed in them) .

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    That's a valid solution as long as the device runs a debian based linux distribution.

  • Hi Thanks again,
    Well , I gotta admit once again I have been spoiled with windoz ,visual studio and C# . Time to dig in deep and create up a package the LInux way ... By the way anyone else notice how close the Windoz 10 on their Surface line of computers looks like Ubuntu 14 + ??. It even kinda feels similar when you navigate around. Well, I'm just saying ...

    ( not that microsoft would commandeer any of the code)

  • Hmm,
    I have been hunting for many hours on how to " create a .deb package " . I can't use all the dpkg-deb commands since my O/S won't support them. I need more reading up on how to create a .deb file which can find any dependencies it needs. No where on the net can I find any such information.
    Does anyone here know where to look ?

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    In that case a virtual machine with a minimal debian system should get you going faster.

    Do you mean a starting point like this one ?

  • Now that's a good link! I have found a couple of pretty good ones as well . I feel I am making some headway with this...

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