Menus not resizing to match changes to font size

  • Hi, I've been searching for a while and cannot find a solution to my problem. Hopefully someone's been through this and can help:

    I have a Widgets app built with 5.6.0 for Windows. There is a QMenuBar and drop down QMenu objects from that. When I run the application, everything looks fine and the text all fits. However, if I change the system level DPI setting to increase the ratio to 200%, things go wrong. The font size is correctly changed to be 2x points larger, however, the menus do not resize to the new text size. The text becomes cramped, collides with neighboring text, or is clipped.

    A similar situation occurs in reverse. If I start the app with the system DPI at 200%, all the text looks fine and everything is scaled to fit. But when I switch back to 100%, the text all shrinks but the menus don't follow. The result is tiny text with lots of empty space around it.

    Anyone know how I can get the menus to resize to match the text.

    By the way, the same problem occurs in any dialog box and on any toolbars that show text, too. The font size changes, but the controls don't resize to match.

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    Did you already check the bug report system for that use case ?

  • Thanks @SGaist I had not looked there. I'm new to Qt and I did not know how to get to the bug DB. The link is much appreciated. Looks like there's a lot of issues with hi-DPI in there. so I'll have a look.

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    I'd recommend also checking the closed one, just in case it matches your own.

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