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QtWebKit build failed in Qt 5.6.0 with vs2013

  • I built qt from source(cloned from git) successfully, and I found everything but qtwebkit.
    So I decided to build qtwebkit from source with command "perl qt5\qtwebkit\Tools\Scripts\build-webkit --qt"
    But it failed with error "Makefile.JavaScriptCore.DerivedSources(105) : fatal error U1033: syntax error : ':' unexpected"
    Seems like qt generate a wrong makefile for qtwebkit\Source\JavaScriptCore\DerivedSources.pri
    Has anyone met this problem before?

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    thats not quite the way to rebuild qtwebkit.

    Assuming you've configured Qt from source.

    makefile available in qtwebkit

    cd qtwebkit
    make distclean


    cd qtwebkit

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