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Trying to understand why a supported graphics chipset was removed (QTBUG-47435)

  • I have a Qt 5.4 app that runs on Android, iOS, and PC and a lot of customers that use them. Customers started reporting that the app failed to run on Samsung S7 Edge so I upgraded to 5.5 and that fixed it. I re-released the updated build on all platforms.

    Now, I have some PC users saying that they can no longer run the app and they are getting a cryptic message about it: "Angle QWindowsEGLStaticContext Could not initialize EGL display: error 0x3001"

    I looked it up and this existing bug is exactly the issue my customers are hitting: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-47435?jql=text ~ "Could not initialize EGL display%3A error 0x3001"

    I see the bug was closed and it looks like the "fix" was to disable support for this graphics platform.

    My question is: why?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    From the commit message: Like GMA 3150, the card cannot handle Desktop GL nor ANGLE.

    If you need more information/backends answer then you should ask on the report page.

  • Hi SGaist, thanks for the welcome.

    This was more of a question about why Qt does things the way it does. I decided to take a dependency on it for cross platform UX for our products and I've found on several occasions that I have to upgrade to fix something and then it always regresses something else.

    This time I absolutely had to upgrade to 5.5 because it just didn't work on the Galaxy S7 Edge. So I did and now things don't work on an Intel chipset when it clearly did work on 5.4.

    I'll do as you suggest and ask on the report page. But, is this basically what I should expect from Qt -- namely this "whack a mole" type of development?

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    No, you should not because its not.

    Note however that each new version of an OS bring its own set of "improvements" with things breaking in regards to the last version of said OS. It's not only valid for Android but also OS X and Windows are good at modifying stuff without providing information clearly. Sometimes, they do this in subtle ways and Qt has to catch on.

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    Hi @OBsIV-XIM,

    I don't understand the details of the underlying issue nor the solution implemented by the Qt devs. However, as a workarond, may I suggest distributing your PC packages with Qt 5.4, and distributing your Android packages with Qt 5.5?

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