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Variables selection in Debug mode: how to?

  • My question is a problem of QtCreator environment: when I debug my program, the complete variable list appears in the windows placed at the rightside of the screen. The list contains all the variables of my project; suppose I would check only few of them, is it possible to select them in such a separate way instead of search them along the whole list?

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    The list contains all the variables of my project;

    The list contains variables visible in current scope. Not whole project.
    Not sure what you want exactly, but you can right click a variable and select "Add Expression Evaluator for ...". This will create an evaluator and put it in a separate area.

  • Thanks Chris, exactly this!
    Is there a way to replace the variable HEX address memory with the name I give it?

  • I observe a local variable still maintains its name when I select "Add Expression Evaluator for...", whereas a global variable seems to be identified only using its address. This last is troublesome and difficult to treat, when you are checking more than one variables. Is it possible to check it always using its proper name?
    I could create a local variable as copy of the global I'm checking, If no further solution is avalaible.

  • Solved! Simply clicking on the variable in the listing code AND NOT in the LOCAL & EXPRESSIONS panel (as I made).

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