Error during installation process (qt.55.qtscript.gcc_64):

  • So a few days ago I re-installed ubuntu 14.04. Prior to that I had an older version of Qt. So after re-installing ubuntu I downloaded the online installer and attempted to install Qt (5.5). However at around 71% during installation process I am getting the error below. I have been fighting with this now for 2 days but I cant seem to resolve it. Since then I have attempted the installation several times and I am getting the same error. Here is the error.....
    Error during installation process (qt.55.qtscript.gcc_64): Could not find the needed QmakeOutputinstallerKey(qt.55.gcc_64_qmakeoutput) value on the installer object. The ConsumeOutput operation on the valid qmake needs to be called first.

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    In which country are you located ?

  • This PPA repo might help you .. I used it recently for Ubuntu 14.04 installation of Qt 5.5.1 and Qt 5.6.0.

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