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Qt Ble custom service UUID and characteristic nrf51 uart

  • hi guys, I'm looking for help or a developer that could would on this quickly with me.

    I have an application for desktop and mobile that we need to add bluetooth low energy too,

    we have already add the scanner and connection but we are stuck on the ble module.

    we are using the nrf51822 and HM-10 modules for development to take advantage of there uart function. the uart function on the nrf51822 uses nordics nrf ble uart nus service.

    this service works great in Xcode and others but for quit does not.
    the reason being is that is seems to me there is no way to add or define customs ble service UUID or characteristic UUID into the qi api and that it has to be found by the discoverer.

    when we use the example scan app it finds the device and the service but the service is undefined and then the characteristics are not found, i feel this is because it a custom characteristic and not a generic ble HRM or temp service.

    so can any one help me add a custom service into my qt application.

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