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About singal processing

  • onclick and onPressAndHold appear at the same time ,but onclick does not work!who can tell me how to let it work?thank you!

  • @A click is defined as a press followed by a release, both inside the MouseArea (pressing, moving outside the MouseArea, and then moving back inside and releasing is also considered a click).@

    So, you should be getting onClicked: after onPressAndHold:. They can not come at same time.

  • in my code,onClicked is the child of onPressAndHold ,on one hand in GridView’s delegate i define a MousArea use onClick to implement display a a picture in full screen,on the other hand in GridView i define a MouseArea use onPressAndHold and onRelease to implement drag and drop,but onClicked does not work,i think the reason is that onClicked is the child of onPressAndHold,but i do not know how to change it ?

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