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QML Rotation around a moving point

  • I am trying to make a game where the player is centred on screen and the game canvas moves and rotates around them.
    The game canvas will be larger than the screen size.
    I need to be able to rotate the game canvas around the player - therefore the rotation point will change as the player moves. The rotation point should always be the centre of the player.

    Can anyone help with how to rotate the game canvas around a moving point like this?

    Thank you

  • I'm super new to Qt Quick so I'm not really sure, but couldn't you just bind the player's position to the rotation point? That seems like it would work.

  • Thanks for the idea... not sure if it will work yet, but it has given me food for thought and I'm going to come back to this... I'll post here again when I have tried it. For the time being it's moved me in a different direction.

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