How do you download the open source Windows Version of the new SDK (1.1.1)?

  • I want to use the LGPL 2.1 licensed version of the new QT SDK 1.1.1. When I download the installer (online and offline), I do not see a place to only accept the opensource code. The installer asks you to accept the Nokia developer license, the 3rd party open source and 2 other license agreements. In the past, there was a different download for the open source. What happened to that? Where can I go to get a version that will let me only download the open source. I am using Windows system.

  • I think what you are looking for is the library only version which you can find "here": under Qt Library.

  • Thanks. That was not obvious.

    Next I need to update to the latest minGW to utilize some functions within the Boost library. Any hints on the best place to find instructions on building the Qt libraries for a new GCC compiler on Windows?

  • Well, the Qt sources contain configure for both Linux/OS X and Windows, so you shouldn't have a problem (If you run into anything specific, you ask, somebody will be able to help you).

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