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Qmake Cmake or QBS, which is best supported by Qt on Fedora23 linux?

  • Which of these: Qmake Cmake or QBS best supported by the Qt company? I need to learn one of them for use with QtCreator for Qt projects as well as "plain C++" projects.

    Interestingly, it appears QBS is only an option in the project creations wizard within QtCreator when I select "plain C++ project". Why is that? Is there any documentation at all on this?

    Why is QBS in the "labs" area? Why is it not the default, when in fact Qmake is the default? Also even though there is activity in the QBS source code, it is not mentioned much since 2012 in website?

    Will QBS work on Fedora23 linux with Qt Creator? There was something about a command that begins with r that will not work on Fedora23.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    qmake is the official as in "from the beginning of the Qt project".

    CMake has also very good support for Qt 4 and 5. It's often used for complex project setups (e.g. KDE)

    I haven't used QBS so I can't comment.

    As for your use case, you should analyze what your needs are from a developer point of view but also what's best to integrate with your workflow.

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