iOS: DSym not uploaded to the AppStore

  • This might not be Qt related, but could still be of interest for the Qt community.

    I'm trying to TestFlight my iOS App built using Qt 5.6. Deployment is done via Xcode 7.2. For some reason, the DSym files are not uploaded to the AppStore and thus I don't receive any crash logs.

    The report navigator indicates that the DSym is being created. I'm using the following settings for each of the project targets (Qt Preprocess and my app target) :

    • Deployment Postprocessing : NO
    • Strip linked Product... : NO
    • Strip Debug... : NO
    • Generate Debug Symbols : YES
    • Debug Information... : DWARF with DSYM

    Am I missing something ?

  • Seems to be related to Bitcode for iOS ?

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