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Cannot find Symbian Device as Target [QT Creator - MAC - OSX 10.6]

  • Hi everyone,
    i wanted to start trying out Dev with QT on my Symbian^3 device (C6-01), but if i try and open a new project in QT Creator, i cannot find the Symbian Device as a target. I just see Desktop, Maemo and the QT Simulator.

    Any suggestion? I couldn't find anything online...

    Thanks a lot!


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    Only targets that have Qt versions installed are offered. Did you install Symbian support via the SDK?

  • I found online the SDK should automatically setup the Symbian QT during install. But i also checked the option to install Symbian support through the SDK Maintenance Tool, but couldn't find Symbian support in there....

    Do i have to download some other files?

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    No, Symbian support is part of the Qt SDK, the online installer is fine and able to install all that is needed.

    Go check Tools->Options->Qt: Is there any Symbian Qt version available?

  • Hmm, i'm on mac and there's no Tools->Options, but if i go to options no, i don't see any Symbian Qt version....
    Maybe i have to add some variable to the path, add some qmake to the list of available QTs?

    Thanks :)

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    Oh, dunno where the properties are on a Mac... that platform has the settings moved to wherever Mac usually has its settings in the menu.

  • Yeah, i already found the settings, they're in preferences, is usually cmd+,

    Anyway in the Qt4 panel, i just see the following:

    Qt in PATH
    Desktop QT (Qt SDK)
    Simulator Qt for GCC (Qt SDK)
    Qt for Fremantle PR1.3 Devices (Qt SDK)

    Nothing more.
    I also checked the various folder for a qmake file for Symbian, but found nothing.

    What are the Symbian files that the SDK should install for symbian support devices? I could check in the log if they've been installed maybe....

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    I did not react properly when you said you were on the Mac, sorry. I was concentrating on finding the settings there, not on your original question.

    The only way to develop Symbian apps on the Mac is via the remote compiler. There are no supported tools for Symbian available for the Mac platform:-(

    Sorry, I never used the remote compiler, please check the documentation for instructions on how to use it.

  • Ok, i think you should write it down somewhere clear in the download page anyway :P

    But is it some weird nokia policy, not to easily allow Symbian dev on mac? Maybe cos Mac doesn't allow iOs dev anywhere else? :P

    Thanks anyway!

  • Btw, no plans in supporting direct Symbian device testing on mac, right?

  • [quote author="iakko86" date="1307795004"]Btw, no plans in supporting direct Symbian device testing on mac, right?[/quote]

    The native Symbian SDK's are closely related to Windows and following the latest plans of Nokia about Symbian it is very unlikely to support direct Symbian device testing on mac (or Linux).

  • Ok, nokia's decision ;)
    Btw i tried the remote compiler and it does its job, or so it seems ;)

    Thanks for the reply!


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