How to show video in video, using gstreamer on wayland (weston)?

  • Hi Sirs,
    I want show video in video, using gstreamer on wayland(weston).
    the following is the part of my code, let gstwaylandsink render on qt widget,

    QPlatformNativeInterface *native =
    struct wl_surface *surface = static_cast<struct wl_surface *>(
    native->nativeResourceForWindow("surface", m_topWidget->windowHandle()));
                GST_VIDEO_OVERLAY (GST_MESSAGE_SRC (msg)),
                (guintptr) surface
                GST_VIDEO_OVERLAY (GST_MESSAGE_SRC (msg)),
                rect.x(), rect.y(),
                rect.width(), rect.height()

    I use QGridLayout, trying to overlap the video,

          m_layout->addWidget(m_videoWidgetArr[iMain], 0, 0, 3, 3);
          m_layout->addWidget(m_videoWidgetArr[iMain+1], 2, 2, 1, 1);

    But , it is no use, what do i miss?
    Thank you for reading.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What result are you getting currently ?

    One way would also be to place them by hand in your container widget.

  • @SGaist The result looks like randomly, sometimes only show the bigger video, sometimes the bigger video covers the smaller one.
    Thanks for your reply.

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