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Adding a dynamically created object to a layout

  • I am dynamically creating an object which is working fine. I set the parent of the object to a GridLayout. That also works fine. I want to set the Layout's attached properties of my object, but it's not working. Here's a small sample

    var component;
    var button;
    component = Qt.createComponent("CustomButton.qml");
    button = component.createObject(gridLayout);
    button.Layout.maximumWidth = 10;
    button.Layout.maximumHeight = 10;

    I get the error "TypeError: Type error". The button that I properly created and I can see it and use it in the gui. If I comment out setting the maximum width and height, everything works except the size is not what I want.

    It looks like the button is not getting the Layout attached property when I dynamically create it. When I create it statically in a qml file, everything works fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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