Create Web Service from Qt !

  • I want create a app android in qt, and i need connect to server database in postgresql from anywhere on the internet, however i see a many people that's recommend to use web service, now my question is: It's can use in qt? How i do?
    You could give me a simple example, thanks, and i'm sorry my bad english!!!

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    If you mean: "Can I use Qt to communicated with a web service ?" Then yes, QNetworkAccessManager is made for that.

    If you mean: "Can I use Qt to build a web service ?" Then again yes but it might not be the best framework for that task.

    Which one is it ?

  • I need is to connect an app to a postgresql database , either to select, insert and modify , What do you recommend me? A web service is optimal and more simple? Or is there another way to do this?

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    You really don't want to expose a direct access to a database to internet.

    So build a simple web service to access your database. Doing so you will have a standard interface to talk to and you can change what's behind it as needed.

  • So, how I can do that in qt ? I need a easy example please!
    Imagine that I want to connect to the Customer table and I want to be displayed in a list in my app

  • Maybe those links can help:

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