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New Tool Chain ugly interface...

  • Hi all,

    I'm using Linux Mint and Qt 5.5.1 I downloaded the source edition I compiled and configured the source like this...

    ./configure -debug-and-release -static -c++11 -opensource -platform linux-g++ -prefix /media/burak/qt/qt551sta -libinput -opengl desktop -qt-sql-psql -nomake examples -nomake tests

    When I use this package my interface fonts become ugly microsoft ttf fonts and no effect of the system settings.. And I cannot type i or "ı" turkish character at any interface..

    if I compile the project with the shared default toolchain come with qt every thing looks fine..

    What I'm doing wrong any ideas?

    Have nice qt day..

  • any ideas?

  • adding gtkstyle solved the ugly interface it's looking nice now.. old one was looking like windows..

    but still can't input "i" and "ı" turkish characters ???

  • How cat I set Qlocal application wide ?

    May this solve my problem???

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