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Overlay widgets on a 3D Scene (Rviz)

  • Hello,

    I am trying to overlay some widgets on a render_panel from librviz. Librviz is using ogre and the panel has its own visualization manager.

    When I try to overlay something transparent on it (both the rviz scene and the overlay are children of a main, container widget), I get black pixels instead of the panel behind, also, a property animation on opacity won't work.

    When I try to put the overlay in a QGraphicsView, the "transparent" (previously black) parts become white and the PropertyAnimayion works too. Not so sure about the first method with QWidgets, I feel like I am doing something wrong with the QGraphisView and it could work.

    I also read someone using QWidget::render() and a shared bitmap but I have no clue how he did it:

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