lrelease.exe reports "segmentation fault", is it caused by compiler?

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm compiling Qt v5.6.0 with GCC v5.3.0 of MinGW-w64 from MSYS2 shell. But when compiling QtTranslations module, the program 'lrelease.exe' which is generated from QtTools module in Qt source code v5.6.0 failed with a message of 'segmentation fault'. I haven't tried with GCC v4.9.2 because I have no enviroment of GCC v4.9.2, and can't conform whether the fault is caused by compiler or the code of 'lrelease'. could you help me?

  • Hi. Could you post a snippet of the output you're getting?

  • @Leonardo Hi, thanks for your replying.
    As your wish, here is the message while compiling QtTranslations:

    Mr.John@MRJOHN-PC MINGW64 /e/qtc1/src560/qttranslations/translations
    $ make -f makefile.debug
    QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/E/qtc1/src560/qtbase/plugins PATH=/E/qtc1/src560/qtbase/lib${PATH:+:$PATH} QMAKE=/E/qtc1/src560/qtbase/bin/qmake.exe 'E:\qtc1\src560\qttools\bin\lrelease.exe' assistant_cs.ts -qm assistant_cs.qm
    makefile.debug:813: recipe for target 'assistant_cs.qm' failed
    make: *** [assistant_cs.qm] Segmentation fault

  • Hi. I've been thinking about this for a while and I have no idea... I don't think it's related to your gcc version. If you don't need this module, you could skip it.

    -skip qttranslations