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Qt lingual translation on mobile (ios)

  • Hi,

    I trying a simple hell world qt quick app on ios & android.
    I did the following:

    1. Took the most basic hello world qt quick project with "Hello World" written with qsTr() of course

    2. Ran lupdate on main.qml & created main_no.ts for norwegian

    3. Opened main_no.ts in linguist app. Gave the translation for "Hello World" as "Hei Verden"

    4. Saved main_no.ts

    5. Ran lrelease on main_no.ts. This created main_no.qm

    6. Opened my project's .pro file and added the following
      TRANSLATIONS += main_no.ts

    7. Rebuilt my app

    8. Ran it on iPhone where the language was set to english

    9. App launched. The text "Hello World" showed up. All great untill now

    10. Next I changed the language to Norwegian ("Norsk Bokmal").

    11. Relaunched the app & it crashed !!!!!

    After this it keeps crashing on every launch even if I change the language back to English.

    Can anyone please tell what is wrong that I am doing ?

    Thanks a many in advance.

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