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API for Receiving Manufacturer Specific Data

  • I am at initial stage of building QT Android App(BLE Master) for Scanning BLE devices.I want to know whether it is possible to implement the following requirements in QT,if it is possible means direct me to correct QT Version.
    1)Is it possible to get a Manufacturer Specific data(Like UUID ,Major,Minor number,Manufacturer Company name of beacon).
    2)Any API for receiving RSSI when it is changed at BLE Slave.I found rssichanged API in BlueZQT.Is it correct??

  • I am not an expert with the domain that you are talking about.
    But, what I understand is, this has got nothing with Qt in general. You may need to look at the libraries that you are integrating.

    I know that I did not help much but, thought to keep my comments posted :)

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