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Does the 5.6 RC include VS2015 integration?

  • I'm still using the previous 5.6 version with 2015 (which did not have Qt integration.)

    I've heard that the official release will have 32-bit/64-bit MSVC 2015 support.

    Is this present in the release candidate?

  • @VRHans Yes

  • Much appreciated :)

  • It turns out that it has most of the integration with VS 2015, the one thing missing (that I can tell) is the visual studio add-in, the version available for download doesn't recognize VS 2015.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    As far as i know the plugin-api was
    removed in 2015 so the Qt plugin is no longer available.

  • The Visual Studio Add-In mechanism was deprecated in vs 2013, and removed entirely in 2015 - which is why VSIX extensions are what Qt needs to build going forward, so plugins are still possible (of course) they're just extensions rather than add-ins.

    I seriously hope Qt is planning on producing a VS 2015 extension because this was claimed to be the case when we bought our Qt licenses.

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    well considering the dedication to visual studio support even for new Qt and older
    VS, im pretty sure they will do it at some point.

    If you a licenses owner. (lucky you :) I would just call and ask them.
    For the price pr month. They must offer excellent support.

    This is a user forum so it's rare that devs hang out here and reply.

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