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Error upon calling a function

  • I am a beginner in C++. The function I call is:
    bool oui_ou_non()
    cout << "Oui ou non ? o/n ? ";
    char rep=0;
    cin >> rep;
    switch (rep){
    case 'o':
    return true;
    case 'n':
    return false;
    cout << "Je prends celà pour un non.\n";
    return false;
    I call that with:
    int main()

    cout << "Voulez-vous lancer le programme ?\n";
    oui_ou_non();//let us call the sub-progra
    cout << oui_ou_non <<endl;
    cout << "nous sommes revenus au programme principal\n";
    if (oui_ou_non == false)//apparement ok,mais d'aprés warningligne précédente:"bool oui_ou_non wiil always evaluate as'true'
    cout << "retourné false . Le programme va s'arrêter.\n";
    return 0;
    cout << "Programme principal\n";
    When i return in int main, the value of oui_ou_non, is lost. It becomes always 1. Ithink that this is due because I use a bad way for calling the bool function. I spent two weeks in many trials without any success. Is there somebody to help me. Thanks

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Sylas said:

    hi you seem not to store the return from the function ?

    in main

    bool return_from_function = oui_ou_non();
    if ( return_from_function == false ) ...

  • @mrjj Wonderfulll. Now it works very well. I ask myself : where should I find the solution. Indeed the Stroustrup pdf is very hard for beginners. Thanks again

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Sylas said:


    oh yes. that book is more a reference than "learn c++."
    But later you will be happy for it :)

  • Moderators

    A function named "yes or no" is not very descriptive. I recon you're using this for testing purposes, but still I do advise to name your functions in a manner that speaks to you, even if their names are getting long-ish. That said, bool values can be checked without actually invoking the equality operator and I do think it's preferable this way, meaning your code will look something like:

    if (oui_ou_non())  {
        // The function returned true

    Kind regards.

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