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New Start-Ups license

  • Hi all,
    I just read this new Qt blog post Qt blog post .

    I have a question.

    Suppose I want to publish a commercial application on an app store such as "Google Play Store".
    Can I only subscribe 1 month license to build and publish and then stop subscription?

  • Do no one have some idea about that question?

    Do I need to buy the Qt license for all the time my app is published or I need the license only when building for publishing?

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    @luca said:

    Do no one have some idea about that question?

    The Qt Company's sales team will know the answer. Have you contacted them?

    Perhaps @tekojo knows something too.

  • @luca well... if you code an app in a month, publish it and never touch it again, then it's ok.

    The idea is that you should have a valid license any time you work with Qt commercial.

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    what app in the known universe would never need updates`?
    Even My my test app "hello world" had updates..


  • @tekojo Ok, suppose in my company I don't publish App as main activity but I want to publish one.
    I develop my App for 10 month (without publishing it) and without acquiring any license.
    Then I subscribe a license to publish my commercial App.
    I think I don't need to pay for the license for the rest of my life...

    Then, the next 2 year I work in something else.
    The 3rd year I want to upgrade my app to introduce a new button.
    I'll buy a license for another month so that I'll be able to publish a new commercial upgrade....

    Am I wrong?

  • @luca the point was that you should have the license when you make the app, in your example for the 10 months. And then again you need the license when you create the new button and publish.

    The license isn't about publishing, but about development.

  • @tekojo Thanks for clarification.

  • Another little question:
    can I buy "start ups license" even if I'm a private or only a company can?

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